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CSG uses world-class expertise, advanced technology, innovation and operational excellence to provide superior sports card certification services.

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What is CSG Certification Verification?

This tool can help you to verify that your CSG holder is genuine and has not been tampered with. It can also be a useful starting point to research your CSG-certified sports card.

Simply enter a card’s CSG certification number (highlighted in the image) to confirm its description and grade in CSG’s database and view images of the holdered card taken by CSG.

You can also scan the QR code above the CSG certification number with your phone.

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Our team of professional and passionate sports card graders have decades of experience, backed by advanced technology.

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The CSG holder and label combine superior display, crystal-clear optics and numerous security features.

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Our Guarantee

The CSG Guarantee of authenticity and grade is the strongest in the sports card certification industry.

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Interact with other sports card collectors by posting on the CSG Chat Boards.

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