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About CSG Grades

What do the CSG grades mean?

CSG uses a highly accurate 10-point grading scale, with grades ranging from Perfect (a card graded 10 with four 10 sub-grades) to 1 (Poor).

To determine a card's grade, CSG graders consider factors such as centering, manufacturing and handling defects, how well the card has been preserved, scuffing, indentations, soiling, fading and more. Learn more >

What are sub-grades?

Sub-grades are grades that provide further detail into a card's overall grade. There are four sub-grades: Centering, Corners, Edges and Surface. Learn more >

How do a card’s sub-grades relate to its final grade?

CSG has developed a proprietary algorithm to determine a card’s final grade based on its sub-grades. While we can’t reveal how we arrive at a final grade and sub-grades for a specific card, we can share some guidelines. First, it is important to note that the final grade is not simply an average of the sub-grades. Rather, it is based on numerous rules that are built into CSG’s proprietary systems and grading process. For example, the final grade can be no more than 1 point higher than the lowest sub-grade. In addition, if the two lowest sub-grades are the same, then that is the final grade for the card. For more information on CSG’s grades, including detailed explanations for each grade and sub-grade, see the CSG Grading Scale.

What types of technology does CSG incorporate into the grading process?

CSG incorporates new-to-the-industry technology that assists the CSG graders in areas such as card measurement and the detection of alterations and counterfeits. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) helps to automate many of the time-consuming aspects of grading, such as attributing a card and measuring its centering. Meanwhile, forensic devices reveal alternations and hidden details using UV and infrared light, ultra-microscopic inspections and non-destructive ink and paper analysis.

Does CSG image cards that are submitted for grading?

Yes, CSG images all graded cards after encapsulation. These images are available to view at CSGcards.com/verify

CSG also offers premium high-resolution digital imaging as an add-on service for submissions. This imaging service consists of accurate, high-resolution images of the front and back of the card, shown encapsulated in its CSG holder. The fee is $5 per card.

Is grading by CSG guaranteed?

Yes, CSG-certified sports cards are backed by the comprehensive CSG Guarantee of authenticity and grade, which provides collectors with greater security and confidence. The CSG Guarantee is the strongest of any sports card grading service. Learn more >

Still not finding an answer? Contact CSG Customer Service at 1-888-CSG-GRADE, 1-941-361-1950 or [email protected].

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