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What is CSG CrossOver service?

With CSG's CrossOver service, a card in a PSA, Beckett* or SGC holder is evaluated for CSG grading. The card will be removed from its holder and encapsulated by CSG only if CSG believes that the card will receive a CSG grade that is the same or higher than the grade assigned by the other grading service. If CSG believes the card does not meet its standards for the grade, it will be returned in its original holder and the full grading fee will still apply.

If you would like your PSA, Beckett* or SGC-holdered card certified by CSG even if CSG determines that it will receive a lower grade, specify CROSS AT ANY GRADE.

*CSG treats Beckett BCCG encapsulated cards as raw cards. BCCG cards will be removed from their holders and crossed at any grade.

What is CSG ReHolder service?

With the ReHolder service, a card in a CSG holder is encapsulated in a new CSG holder. The grade assigned to the card will not change. To qualify, the card must still be encapsulated in its original CSG holder.

How long does CSG grading take?

The length of time it takes to get sports cards certified depends on the grading tier you select when the cards are submitted. To see current turnaround times, visit the CSG Services & Fees page.

Still not finding an answer? Contact CSG Customer Service at 1-888-CSG-GRADE, 1-941-361-1950 or [email protected].

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