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What is the CSG Registry?

The CSG Registry is a free online platform where collectors can register and display their CSG-certified sports cards. The CSG Registry helps you to organize your collection and interact with other collectors.

What is a certification number?

The CSG certification number is found on the label above the barcode on your CSG-graded sports card.

What are competitive sets?

Competitive sets are created based on collectors’ interests and collecting goals. Registry sets have defined slots that provide an online display case for your sports cards. Each card is assigned a score based on the grade of the card, which is calculated from an algorithm created by CSG.

Competitive sets are a great way to compare your sets to others and view other collectors’ interests, which may inspire your collecting goals and create new interests.

What sports cards are eligible for the CSG Registry?

All CSG-certified sports cards are eligible for the CGS Registry. There may not be competitive sets for every card, however. If you would like to request a new competitive set type, you can request it on the CSG Registry Forum on the CSG Chat Boards.

How are CSG Registry scores calculated?

The CSG Registry assigns a score to each card based on the certified grade and an algorithm created by CSG.

How are competitive sets ranked?

A set’s rank is based on the total of the individual scores of all the cards registered to it. A scoring algorithm developed by CSG helps make the sets competitive for everyone.

What does a CSG Registry score mean in a competitive set?

Competitive set scores allow sets to be compared within the same category or in the CSG Registry overall. A CSG Registry score is not intended to be used as a basis for determining market value, and CSG Registry scores may be changed from time to time.

What happens when there is a tie in competitive sets?

Competitive sets are first ranked according to the set’s score. If two or more sets have the same score, competitive sets will break the tie by ranking the sets based on the percentage of cards with images.

To summarize, ranking is achieved by considering the following in order: (1) Set score; (2) Percentage of cards with images.

If all the above items are equal between sets, then sets will be sorted by the date the rank was achieved (first to achieve will appear higher), but they will have the same rank numbers beside their set.

How long will it take for my card to appear in my set?

CSG certification numbers will appear automatically and immediately once you add them to your set except for rare cases where an error occurs. If there is an error, the system will send an error message to an administrator, who will research and resolve the error.

Can ungraded cards or cards from other services be added to the CSG Registry?

The CSG Registry accepts only CSG-certified cards with a grade for competitive sets. Ungraded cards, cards rejected for grading or certified by other third-party grading services are not eligible for the CSG Registry.

Can I add a CSG-certified card to more than one set?

Yes. You may add your CSG-certified card to more than one set; however, it cannot be added a set of the same set type. For example, you may add your Mickey Mantle card to both a Team Set and a Player Set because they are different set types.

What happens if I register a card that is already registered to another member?

When a card entered in the CSG Registry is already registered to another member, an email is automatically sent to the member who originally registered the card to request that they release it from their set. The entry remains pending until the original member either confirms or denies the release. If the original member does not respond within three days, the card will automatically be registered to the new member and an email will be sent to both parties confirming the transfer.

Where do I request new CSG Registry competitive sets or slots?

You can request new CGS Registry competitive sets and slots in the CSG Registry Forum on the CSG Chat Boards. Go to the Chat Boards >

Who do I contact if I have a CSG Registry question?

You may call (+1) 888 CSG 4723 and ask for the CSG Registry department, or you may email [email protected].

Still not finding an answer? Contact CSG Customer Service at 1-888-CSG-GRADE, 1-941-361-1950 or [email protected].

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