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Shipping Cards to CSG

How much does it cost to ship my certified cards from CSG back to me?

USPS Registered Mail and FedEx shipping fees are calculated according to the fee schedule here.

For domestic return shipping fees, scroll down to the tables labeled "Sports card return shipping fees for domestic USPS Registered Mail" and "Sports card return shipping fees for FedEx."

See the table labeled “Sports card return shipping fees for international shipments via FedEx” for international return shipping fees. You may also use your own account for international return shipments.

Additional charges may apply for extended or remote service areas, heavier packages, added items, etc.

Can sports cards and trading cards be sent to CSG and CGC Trading Cards in the same shipment?

Submissions to CSG and CGC Trading Cards can be sent in the same shipping box as long as the submissions are packaged separately within the box and each submission is accompanied by a completed packing slip. CSG submissions must be accompanied by a completed CSG packing slip, and CGC Trading Cards submissions must be accompanied by a completed CGC Trading Cards packing slip.

CSG and CGC Trading Cards submissions cannot be returned to submitters in the same package, however, because the companies have separate grading processes and teams.

Please note that submissions of other collectibles, such as comics, coins and paper money, cannot be shipped together in the same package. In addition, shipping trading and sports cards together in the same package may result in a longer turnaround time.

What happens if my package is damaged in transit to CSG?

Any damaged, unsealed or poorly sealed packages will be rejected and returned by the shipper. Please securely seal packages with reinforced shipping tape to prevent tampering en route.

Still not finding an answer? Contact CSG Customer Service at 1-888-CSG-GRADE, 1-941-361-1950 or [email protected].

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