If the information displayed above is incorrect or does not match the card you are verifying, or if you believe that you have a counterfeit or tampered CSG holder, please contact [email protected]. Note: Cards graded Gem Mint 9.5 and Pristine 10 now display as Gem Mint 10 and are counted as Gem Mint 10 in the CSG Population Report.

Total Graded by CSG: How is this calculated?

The population for a given grade reflects the quantity of cards of the same type that have been graded by CSG and received the same final grade. The population "in higher grades" reflects the quantity of that same card that have been graded by CSG and received a higher final grade.

For example, if the card's grade is CSG 9, the population shown for that card will reflect all cards graded CSG 9. The population "in higher grades" will include cards graded CSG Mint+ 9.5, Gem Mint 10 and Perfect 10.

For information on the CSG Grading Scale, click here.

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