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For answers to frequently asked questions about sports card grading, CSG services and more, scroll below. To contact CSG Customer Service, click here.

What sports cards does CSG grade?

CSG grades virtually all licensed and original sports cards that have been cataloged from the 1880s to the present.

CSG will initially grade standard-sized cards (2.5” x 3.5”) as well as cards sized up to large vintage Topps cards (2-5/8” x 3-3/4”). CSG is planning to add more holder sizes soon to accommodate even more card sizes. Learn more >

Does CSG grade non-sports cards?

CSG focuses on grading sports cards. Its affiliate, CGC Trading Cards, focuses on grading non-sports trading cards. CGC Trading Cards currently grades Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering cards, but additional card types may be accepted in the future. For more information, visit CGCcards.com

What do the CSG grades mean?

CSG uses a highly accurate 10-point grading scale, with grades ranging from Perfect (a card graded 10 with four 10 sub-grades) to 1 (Poor).

To determine a card's grade, CSG graders consider factors such as centering, manufacturing and handling defects, how well the card has been preserved, scuffing, indentations, soiling, fading and more. Learn more >

Does CSG offer sub-grades?

Yes, CSG offers sub-grades for an additional $10 per card. The turnaround time for sub-grades is tier +5 business days.

What are sub-grades?

Sub-grades are grades that provide further detail into a card's overall grade. There are four sub-grades: Centering, Corners, Edges and Surface. Learn more >

How do a card’s sub-grades relate to its final grade?

CSG has developed a proprietary algorithm to determine a card’s final grade based on its sub-grades. While we can’t reveal how we arrive at a final grade and sub-grades for a specific card, we can share some guidelines. First, it is important to note that the final grade is not simply an average of the sub-grades. Rather, it is based on numerous rules that are built into CSG’s proprietary systems and grading process. For example, the final grade can be no more than 1 point higher than the lowest sub-grade. In addition, if the two lowest sub-grades are the same, then that is the final grade for the card. For more information on CSG’s grades, including detailed explanations for each grade and sub-grade, see the CSG Grading Scale.

What types of technology does CSG incorporate into the grading process?

CSG incorporates new-to-the-industry technology that assists the CSG graders in areas such as card measurement and the detection of alterations and counterfeits. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) helps to automate many of the time-consuming aspects of grading, such as attributing a card and measuring its centering. Meanwhile, forensic devices reveal alternations and hidden details using UV and infrared light, ultra-microscopic inspections and non-destructive ink and paper analysis.

Does CSG image cards that are submitted for grading?

Yes, CSG images all graded cards after encapsulation. These images are available to view at CSGcards.com/verify

CSG also offers premium high-resolution digital imaging as an add-on service for submissions. This imaging service consists of accurate, high-resolution images of the front and back of the card, shown encapsulated in its CSG holder. The fee is $5 per card.

Is grading by CSG guaranteed? 

Yes, CSG-certified sports cards are backed by the comprehensive CSG Guarantee of authenticity and grade, which provides collectors with greater security and confidence. The CSG Guarantee is the strongest of any sports card grading service. Learn more >

How long does CSG grading take?

The length of time it takes to get sports cards certified depends on the grading tier you select when the cards are submitted. For example, the estimated turnaround time for WalkThrough submissions is 2 business days, while the estimated turnaround time for Economy submissions is 40 business days. CSG is committed to providing the fastest turnaround times in the industry. To see current turnaround times, visit the CSG Services & Fees page.

When will my payment be processed by CSG?

CSG processes credit card payments when a submission enters the grading phase of the certification process. This reduces the time between when credit cards are charged and when submissions are returned.

Please note that this only applies to credit card payments. If paying by check, please send your check with your submissions to ensure efficient processing.

What are the dimensions of the CSG holder?

At approximately 3.15 x 5.30 inches, the CSG holder fits in the palm of your hand and is similar in size to other holders on the market. Learn more about the CSG holder here.

Does CSG grade "thick" cards?

At launch, CSG will not be accepting cards that are thicker than standard stock thickness. In the coming months, we will begin accepting submissions that include cards that are up to 7.25 mm thick. An announcement will be made on the CSG website.

CSG will also offer new-to-the-industry stackable holders that will accommodate more sizes of thick cards than any other third-party sports card grading company.

Some examples of thick cards include, but are not limited to:

  • Most game used / memorabilia cards
  • Panini Immaculate
  • Panini National Treasures
  • Panini Absolute
  • Panini Prizm Memorabilia
  • Panini Certified
  • Topps Inception
  • Topps Sterling
  • UD SP Authentic
  • Panini Origins
  • Panini One
  • Panini Select
  • Panini Flawless
  • Topps Triple Threads
  • Upper Deck The Cup
  • Topps Project 2020
  • Panini National Treasures

Does the CSG holder protect my cards?

The CSG holder will significantly improve the protection of your cards.

CSG has invested extensive time and resources to develop the hobby’s best holder for sports cards. The result is a display-worthy holder that provides superior long-term protection. Crystal-clear optics showcase a card’s color and detail, the sturdy case resists impacts and ultrasonic welding safely holds the card in place.

Does CSG grade altered cards? 

CSG will not assign a numeric grade to a card deemed altered; however, a card deemed to be altered but authentic can be encapsulated as Authentic Altered.

Does CSG grade “sheet cut” cards?

No, CSG does not grade cards that are “sheet cut” or measure larger than the published catalog size.

What is CSG CrossOver service?

With CSG's CrossOver service, a card in a PSA, Beckett* or SGC holder is evaluated for CSG grading. The card will be removed from its holder and encapsulated by CSG only if CSG believes that the card will receive a CSG grade that is the same or higher than the grade assigned by the other grading service. If CSG believes the card does not meet its standards for the grade, it will be returned in its original holder and the grading fee will be refunded less a $4 processing fee.

If the card has been assigned sub-grades by the other grading service, it will be removed from its holder and encapsulated by CSG only if CSG believes all of the sub-grades will be the same or higher with CSG.

If you would like your PSA, Beckett* or SGC-holdered card certified by CSG even if CSG determines that it will receive a lower grade, specify CROSS AT ANY GRADE.

*CSG treats Beckett BCCG encapsulated cards as raw cards. BCCG cards will be removed from their holders and crossed at any grade.

What is CSG ReHolder service? 

With the ReHolder service, a card in a CSG holder is encapsulated in a new CSG holder. The grade assigned to the card will not change. To qualify, the card must still be encapsulated in its original CSG holder. 

If I join as a CSG Elite Collector member, which grading tiers and services are discounted by 10%?

CSG Elite Collector members get a 10% discount on grading tiers, sub-grades and autograph grades. The discount does not apply to other services (including CrossOver, Quick Submit, Pedigree, ReHolder and Imaging), handling fees or shipping fees. To learn more about CSG membership and to join, click here.

If I join as a CSG Premium or Elite Collector member, how can I use my $150 CSG grading credit?

CSG Premium and Elite members receive a $150 CSG grading credit when joining or renewing. This grading credit is immediately posted to your CSG account and will be automatically applied to any fees for grading tiers, sub-grades and autograph grades. The grading credit cannot be used for other services (including CrossOver, Quick Submit, Pedigree, ReHolder and Imaging), handling fees or shipping fees. To learn more about CSG membership and to join, click here.

Why do I need to list my cards’ value on the submission form?

CSG needs a declared value to insure cards while they are at our facility. A card’s value also determines the CSG grading tier. Since CSG guarantees the authenticity and grade of cards that it certifies, it charges a higher fee for more valuable cards.

How do I figure out the value of my cards?

Good resources for determining the value of your cards are completed eBay auctions and the posted prices of large sports card dealers. CSG does not assign values to any cards.

How are turnaround times calculated?

Turnaround times reflect the average length of time that we think it will take to complete a submission received today under a given grading tier or service. Turnaround times for individual submissions can vary based on a variety of factors including whether the submission form was completed properly, the submission was packaged correctly, the collectibles require additional research and other reasons.

We strive to provide the most up-to-date turnaround time estimates on our website. For current turnaround times, please visit CSGcards.com/Services.

Can I cancel or change my order after my submission has been delivered to CSG?

Once your submission has been delivered to CSG, your order cannot be cancelled or changed. CSG has already started working on your submission to perform your requested services. No refunds can be given after a submission has been delivered.

Please note that turnaround times are only estimates and are not guaranteed. For current services and fees as well as turnaround times, click here.

Can I check the grade of my submission before I get it back?

The CSG company websites offer a free Submission Tracking resource that enables you to check the status of your submission as it makes its way through the certification process. The Submission Tracking tool is the quickest and easiest way to see that your submission has been received, whether it has been graded and when it is on its way back to you. Grades are available to view online when a submission's status is "Shipped."

Customer Service representatives do not provide the grades of submissions over the phone.

To access Submission Tracking, simply log in to your account by clicking "Sign In" at the upper right of the CSG website and then clicking on "My Submissions" under your profile symbol.

How much does it cost to ship my certified cards from CSG back to me?

USPS registered mail, UPS and FedEx shipping fees are calculated according to the fee schedule here.

For domestic return shipping fees, scroll down to the tables labeled "Sports card return shipping fees for domestic US registered mail" and "Sports card return shipping fees for UPS and FedEx."

See the table labeled “Sports card return shipping fees for international shipments via FedEx” for international return shipping fees. You may also use your own account for international return shipments.

Additional charges may apply for extended or remote service areas, heavier packages, added items, etc.

Can sports cards and trading cards be sent to CSG and CGC Trading Cards in the same shipment?

Submissions to CSG and CGC Trading Cards can be sent in the same shipping box as long as the submissions are packaged separately within the box and each submission is accompanied by a completed packing slip. CSG submissions must be accompanied by a completed CSG packing slip, and CGC Trading Cards submissions must be accompanied by a completed CGC Trading Cards packing slip.

CSG and CGC Trading Cards submissions cannot be returned to submitters in the same package, however, because the companies have separate grading processes and teams.

Please note that submissions of other collectibles, such as comics, coins and paper money, cannot be shipped together in the same package. In addition, shipping trading and sports cards together in the same package may result in a longer turnaround time.

What is a CSG Group Submitter?

Instead of submitting cards directly to CSG, some collectors prefer to join a group submission. Group submissions are conducted by CSG Authorized Dealers who are also approved as CSG Group Submitters. These approved CSG Group Submitters aggregate cards from multiple submitters into one submission.

Only approved CSG Group Submitters may send group submissions. CSG Authorized Dealers who are approved as CSG Group Submitters have been vetted by CSG and have been trained in how to properly organize and package cards for submission to CSG.

Can I drop off cards at your office?

CSG accepts submissions from CSG Collector members through the mail or at select shows only. CSG Collector members are not able to drop off cards at our office. CSG Authorized Dealers may drop off their cards at our office if they make an appointment. To schedule an appointment, contact CSG Customer Service at [email protected] or 1-888-CSG-4723.

Will there be a CSG Registry?

Yes! CSG plans to launch a set registry where collectors can display their cards and compete for prizes on CSGcards.com.

How do I contact CSG? 

CSG can be contacted by mail, phone or email. Our friendly, company-based customer service representatives are happy to answer your questions.

Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG)
PO Box 4800
Sarasota, FL 34230

1 888 CSG GRADE (1 888 274 4723) toll free
1 941 361 1950
[email protected]

Interested in becoming a CSG Authorized Dealer? Also contact [email protected].