CSG Holder and Label for Sports Cards

The CSG holder and label combine enhanced security features, crystal-clear optics and the most advanced archival materials for the best in display and protection.

State-of-the-Art Construction for Superior Display and Security

CSG has invested significant time and resources to develop the hobby’s best holder for sports cards. The result is a display-worthy holder that provides superior long-term protection. Crystal-clear optics showcase a card’s color and detail, while the sturdy, ultrasonically-welded case resists impacts and tampering.

Basketball Card in a CSG Holder

A Bold, Easy-to-Read and Secure Certification Label

A clear, clean label design allows for detailed card descriptions and excellent readability. If requested, CSG provides sub-grades, which give a more nuanced description of a card’s condition. To prevent against counterfeiting, the CSG label features microprinting, UV ink, holographic foil and a unique certification number and QR code.

Basketball Card in a CSG Holder

Unique Identification Features

On the back of the label, a unique certification number identifies each card. A pedigree can also be added to describe a card’s past or present ownership. Autograph grades are featured here, too. After encapsulation in the CSG holder, every card is imaged in high-resolution. A QR code enables you to quickly look up a card and its images on the CSG website.

CSG Holdered Mike Trout Card CSG Holdered Justin Herbert Card CSG Holdered Michael Jordan Card

Fits More Sizes of Thick Cards Than Any Other Sports Card Grading Service

Available for cards up to 7.25mm thick, the CSG Thick Holder features the same crystal-clear optics, superior materials and sturdy construction as the standard CSG holder. Plus, with five different thicknesses, the CSG holder accommodates more sizes of thick cards than any other third-party sports card grading service.

Stacked CSG Holders

Portable, Stackable and Easy-to-Store

No matter the thickness, all CSG holders lock and stack together seamlessly, a revolutionary design in the sports card certification industry that makes it easy to store and display your collection.

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