The CSG Sports Card Grading Process

CSG uses a proven, multi-step certification process that is designed to ensure consistency, accuracy and integrity while safeguarding your valuable cards. Explore the key stages of the CSG sports card grading process below.

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When a submission is received, it is opened by trained CSG staff under security cameras and immediately checked against the submission paperwork. The submission is then entered into CSG's proprietary tracking system with a unique submission number.

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Each sports card gets a more detailed review to confirm that its description matches the information provided by the submitter. A unique ID and barcode are assigned to track the card throughout the CSG grading process. At this stage, the collectible is separated from the submission paperwork so that CGC's graders don't know the submitter's identity, which helps to ensure complete impartiality.

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Sports cards are stored in CSG's vault until they are ready to be reviewed for authenticity. If a card is determined to be genuine, it will be graded according to the industry-standard CSG Grading Scale. Note: A card will be rejected for grading if it is of questionable authenticity.

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Sports card grading is a team effort, with multiple CSG professionals examining every card with the aid of advanced technology, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and consistency. Each CSG grader enters their grade into CGC's proprietary computer system. A consensus is then reached on the final grade of the card.

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After grading, the card and a label bearing its description, grade (plus sub-grades if requested), certification number and a QR code are inserted into the CSG holder, which is crystal-clear and provides superior long-term protection. Numerous security features in both the holder and label guard against counterfeiting and tampering.

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CSG images all graded cards after encapsulation. To check the legitimacy of a CSG-certified card, these images are available to view 24/7 on the CSG website using the Verify CSG Certification tool. CSG also offers premium high-resolution digital imaging as an add-on service for submissions.

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Quality Control

A CSG Quality Control Specialist carefully inspects the sports card, label and holder. All of the certification details are reviewed for accuracy, and the holder is checked for any defects or contaminants.

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Packaging and Shipping

Finally, encapsulated cards are individually counted and checked against the original submission paperwork. Collectibles are then securely packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with protective packaging materials. The CSG-certified sports cards are now ready to be sent back to the submitter.

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