How to Submit Sports Cards to CSG

Submitting your sports cards to CSG is easy. Just follow the simple steps below to get your cards certified by our expert graders and protected by our champion holder.


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Choose Your Tier & Services

CSG offers different grading tiers based on a card's fair market value (FMV) and the approximate turnaround time desired. Once you select your grading tier, you can also choose add-on services like sub-grades, pedigree and quick submit.

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Complete a Submission Form

Complete CSG's simple and easy-to-use online submission form to let CSG know what cards you will be submitting and which services you would like.

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Package & Ship Your Collectibles

The last step is to package and ship your cards to CSG. It's important to pack your cards securely so that they reach CSG safely. Follow our step-by-step instructions to prepare your cards for their trip to CSG.

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For a list of CSG Official Submission Centers, Group Submitters and Authorized Dealers that facilitate submissions to CSG, click here.

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