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Build organized sets.

The CSG Registry makes it easy to categorize your CSG-certified sports cards using popular and diverse set categories. Vintage baseball cards, modern basketball cards, rookie player cards — they’re all here, and if you don’t see a set for your cards, request it! The CSG Registry is constantly growing and evolving.

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Compete across the globe.

Who has the best sets? The CSG Registry lets you find out! When you add a CSG-certified card to a set category, it receives a point score based on its grade, relative rarity and value. These scores are then totaled and your set is ranked against other sets based on their total scores. Top sets will be eligible for prizes and recognition.

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Share your cards' stories.

Sports card collectors are a passionate group who put tremendous thought, time and resources into their collections, from choosing a focus area to researching and selecting what cards to buy. Use the CSG Registry to tell the story behind your CSG-certified cards and share your love of collecting with others.

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Learn from fellow collectors.

CSG Registry users can go beyond organizing their own collections. By viewing CSG Registry sets assembled by fellow collectors, you will get inspiration for new sets, establish collecting benchmarks and learn from other sports card collectors who care about the hobby as much as you do. It’s a community as well as a competition.

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It’s free and easy to participate in the CSG Registry. You just need to be a CSG member at any level, from Free to Elite.

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Sports Cards in CSG Holders
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Add Your Cards

To add a card to the CSG Registry, simply click on the yellow symbol anywhere on the CSG site, type in the card’s CSG certification number and click Add.

Sports Cards in CSG Holders
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Choose Images & Sets

Once a card is added, there is an option to add high-resolution images. You can use the images that CSG provides for free or upload your own images. Now, you’re ready to select sets for your cards.

Sports Cards in CSG Holders

See How Your Cards Stack Up

To find the perfect sets for your cards, you can browse the CSG Registry to see all of the options. You’ll discover sets for different players, teams, date ranges and more, some with many slots to fill and others with just a few. Plus, new sets will be continuously added as the CSG Registry grows, making it easy to find a set that fits your passion and budget. The CSG Registry can also tell you where your cards may be added. When viewing your card list, click on the yellow symbol near the card description to see eligible sets and slots.

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Sports Cards in CSG Holders

Always Ready for Action

The CSG Registry uses the latest technology to seamlessly resize on all devices, making it easy to use on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. You can browse and update your CSG Registry sets anytime, anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Add your cards, display your sets, earn points and get recognition in the premier online arena for sports card collecting.

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